Great Looks is a Dutch/Tanzanian safari company based in Arusha, Tanzania. This company started when two people of different nationalities met. Greetje Kloosterhuis from the Netherlands and Lucious Mwacha from Tanzania. They are two passionate people, who want to provide their guests with the best possible experiences. They are an officially registered tour operator. Experts in combining local know-how with Dutch organization skills.

After years of working in education, banking and as a coach, Greetje Kloosterhuis went to Tanzania to volunteer there in 2013. This experience made a big impression on her and she just couldn’t get Tanzania out of her head.

As they say: “You can leave Africa, but Africa never leaves you”. After coming back many times and travelling around, she started her foundation in 2016, the Holtan Foundation. Since then she supported many projects. After meeting Lucious Mwacha, she knew he was the perfect partner to start a safari company with. Lucious Mwacha was a mountain climber. He has a lot of experience in climbing the Kilimanjaro. They decided to share their love for Tanzania by starting a safari company.

It is their passion to provide tourists with amazing experiences and they hope you will fall in love with the beauty of Tanzania as well.

Helping the people in Tanzania is still one of their main goals. That is why when you book with them, they will donate some of your money to the Holtan Foundation. Discover the beauty of Tanzania and support the people of Tanzania at the same time!!

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Greetje Kloosterhuis
Managing Director - Netherlands & Tanzania,
Lucious Mwacha
Managing Director - Tanzania,
Safe Manyama
Professional Tour Guide - English
Festo Kessy
Professional Tour Guide - English & Italian
Tim Dismas Francis
Professional Mountain Guide
Hashimu Tosh
Professional Tour Guide - Zanzibar
Benson Erinest
Our Agent in Zanzibar
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